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From the minute YOU walk in, YOU become a part of the Fit 1o1 Family at our private gym in Liberty Township! YOUR fitness journey begins with a fitness evaluation that will help our certified fitness trainers design an individualized workout program to help you obtain YOUR goals. YOU schedule your sessions when it’s convenient for YOU. Depending on when you schedule your sessions, you may train with a trainer 1-on-1, or alongside the Fit 1o1 Family in a small group. Either way, EVERY workout is personalized for YOU!

Joining the Fitness 1o1 Family at our Liberty Township location means finding motivation, encouragement, and results in a community that cares about YOU!

Your EXPERT PERSONAL TRAINER in Liberty Township

Everyone has a unique body so why shouldn’t your fitness plan be unique too? Our trainers here at Fitness1o1 are certified and trained to provide you with the BEST program that fits your needs! At our private gym in Liberty Township, our priority is YOU. Your goals, needs, and abilities are at the forefront of everything we do, which makes our personal trainer services in Liberty Township not only effective but fulfilling! We are solely focused on you reaching your fitness goals while having fun doing it! And you get to pick the schedule that best fits your needs! No more worrying about staying late at work and missing that class you signed up for.

Here at Fitness1o1, we know that your time is valuable and we don’t want you to miss out on a good workout just because of timing. That’s why you get to pick when you do your personalized group training here at our Liberty Township private gym! Our fitness coaching and workout classes are second to none in the industry, so let’s get you started. We’re your top personal trainers in Liberty Township!


At Fitness 1O1  we aren’t just a gym that will give you generalized workout plans and forget about you. We, at Fitness1o1, specialize in  Personalized  training and create a specific workout and nutritional program just for you and your unique body. We know that there is a lot of information out there about what to do when getting fit, and it can get confusing. That’s why we have made it our mission to get rid of the extra noise and get  specific  to  Your  needs. Everyone’s body is different which means every training and nutritional program needs to be tailored to that body. We make that happen at Fitness1o1 and we promise to treat you like family!

Our years of experience in the fitness industry and our highly  Skilled  trainers are the best of the best. We want you to feel comfortable and feel like you can take control of your body again. Whether you are just beginning your journey or are 10 years in, we welcome you and your goals into our personalized group training programs. We believe that if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. Stop hesitating and just  jump in!  You won’t regret it! We want to help you with your goals and get you feeling like your best self. Let’s get to work! We are the private gym in Liberty Township that local residents are  Raving  about!

The Perks


Choosing our gym is the best choice you can make to reach your fitness goals! Our fitness classes and health coaches in Liberty Township will make your fitness dreams a reality! We not only give you a completely

PERSONALIZED plan catered to your specific needs, but we offer so much more! Here are just a few perks that our health club in Liberty Township offers:


EVERY workout class at our gym in Liberty Township is designed by a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, FOR YOU! No need to come in with a plan, we’ve got you covered! We ensure that all you have to worry about is accomplishing your goals!


Heart Rate Monitors are worn so trainers can monitor YOUR heart rate and adjust your workout accordingly. WE PROVIDE everyone with a heart rate monitor. This can be extremely beneficial to achieving your fitness goals and also to making sure you aren’t working out harder than you are able. Your health is our main concern!


Fitness Evaluations are completed every 6 months to regularly monitor YOUR progress, update YOUR workout plan, and reassess YOUR goals. Have you ever wondered if what you’re doing is actually helping you achieve your fitness goals? Well, don’t worry, these fitness evaluations are extremely important. They help make sure that you are performing to the best of your ability and that we are creating a program that is working and not slowing your progress.


Family is who WE ARE! Here, you can find motivation, support, and encouragement from like-minded people who are committed to building each other up! Our close-knit group here at Fitness1o1 is like a family. If you are wanting some comradery and want to meet like-minded people, look no further. You can find support, motivation, and encouragement from our trainers and trainees. We are all committed to building each other up and helping each other out!


Download our Fitness 1o1 app and get quick on-the-go access to all your training needs! You can schedule your sessions, message your trainers, and keep track of your progress….all in one place!


Let's get to work... together!

To train you to the BEST of YOUR abilities, we always recommend doing a Fitness Evaluation before we begin training you ($25 fee). Your health and safety is our top priority. The results of your fitness evaluation give us the insight we need to design your workouts during your Liberty Township gym membership at Fitness 1o1 in a way that not only keep you safe, but also challenge you to achieve your fitness goals.



Yes, we have physical therapy


We also offer ON-SITE physical therapy so that your muscles and joints are able to perform to the best of their ability at all times. As part of our physical therapy fitness training program in our Liberty Township gym, the on-site physical therapist is there to help with those aches and pains that just won’t go away and is also actively involved in creating your personalized workout plan. Having a physical therapist who is so easily accessible to you is something that we are proud to offer our clients.

Need your own plan?


Get a workout plan designed just for YOU to do at home or at your own gym. A Certified Fitness Trainer from our Liberty Township location will create a 6-12 week home-based program based on YOUR current fitness level and individual goals. Programs are updated every 3 weeks.

What else?


At Fitness 1o1, we do our best to keep our clients engaged and having fun! That’s why we incorporate specialty classes into our schedule. Our Certified Fitness Trainers at our Liberty Township location lead yoga, mobility classes, neighborhood bootcamps, and more! We also offer medical massage therapy! Send us a message to jump in a class!


Here in Liberty Township, our personal trainers, fitness coaches, and workout classes will not disappoint you! We are a family here at our gym and we have created lifelong friendships with the people that choose us to help them with their fitness journey. Not only do we provide excellent personalized programs for our clients, but we have created a positive and fulfilling environment, in which everyone can achieve their goals. Our group training is a social experience that helps you sweat while having the time of your life. With years of experience, our certified Liberty Township personal trainers only do what is best for each and every client. Your health is our main concern and our personal trainers at our gym will only make fitness plans that are right for you and your body. We know that you can succeed in your goals, and that’s why we don’t pressure you into certain programs. We let you decide what best fits your needs so that you feel comfortable on your journey.


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