Group Personal Training

The Best Group Personal Training in Liberty Township
Group Personal Training In Middletown, Ohio

EVERY workout is designed specifically for YOUR goals and fitness level. All of the sessions are done in a group setting and are led by a Certified Fitness Trainer. You choose how many sessions per week.

At Fit 1o1, we’re proud to offer the best group personal training in Liberty Township. Here are three key benefits of joining our group personal training program:

Personalized Workouts in a Group Setting

While the energy and motivation come from a group dynamic, our workouts are tailored to fit individual goals and fitness levels. This means you get the benefits of personalized training along with the camaraderie and support of a group.

Certified Fitness Trainers

Our trainers are not only certified but also experienced in leading group sessions that cater to a variety of fitness needs. Their expertise ensures that every session is effective, safe, and fun, helping you stay committed to your fitness journey.

Flexible Scheduling Options

We understand that flexibility is key when it comes to maintaining a consistent workout routine. That’s why we offer various session times throughout the week, allowing you to choose a schedule that best fits your lifestyle.

Join us at Fit 1o1 in Liberty Township and experience the energy, motivation, and personalized attention that make our group personal training program a cut above the rest.

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